Pine wood Wardrobe DUO – RWWDUO96

Original price was: ₹74,777.00.Current price is: ₹69,777.00.

Bed Without Storage Queen Size

Original price was: ₹37,777.00.Current price is: ₹29,777.00.

Panel Door Jope Bedside

Original price was: ₹16,777.00.Current price is: ₹9,777.00.

Wooden nested stools – Jali

Original price was: ₹13,777.00.Current price is: ₹9,777.00.

Lotus Wooden Sofa

Original price was: ₹99,000.00.Current price is: ₹75,777.00.


Original price was: ₹5,300.00.Current price is: ₹4,818.00.

open tall bookself Dark honey

Original price was: ₹18,000.00.Current price is: ₹12,600.00.

SLATED Single bed with Storage – RWSBSSLTH-66

Original price was: ₹42,777.00.Current price is: ₹29,777.00.

Wardrobe – Ceramic- RWWCRMC90

Original price was: ₹121,777.00.Current price is: ₹111,777.00.

Stunning Living Room Furniture Sets

The most lively area in our home with all the hustle and bustle and full of activities. The first thing that guests see in your home is your living room. Rightwood furniture offers solid wood furniture sets for living room and decorative items for the most visible part of your home. The furniture that we offer is crafted from sheesham wood but we also work on timber like Pine wood and Mango wood. The products are crafted from seasoned and treated wood for termite resistance and other problems. We have selected range in the categories, as we thing rather than stuffing with irrelevant and poor designs, showcase the Best.

As a part of Living room products that adorn and are prominent part are Sofas, center tables, TV units, chest of drawers, Shoe racks, Bookshelves. Decorative items are also must have to elevate the look and feel. We offer complete living room set so that the theme, look and feel of the room remains intact. Please get in touch for more customization, suggestions and offers. We love to talk to our customers. You can also visit our physical sheesham wood furniture shops in Pune


Elegant Dining Room Furniture Sets

The part of house where everyone comes together at least once in day. This part of home is less crowded throughout the day but all the mornings and evenings or nights are incomplete without dining room. We offer selected but very good quality Dining room furniture sets. Our Products are mostly crafted with solid wood like Sheesham wood, Mango wood and Pine wood. Wooden Dining tables stand out and last for long long period of time. Part of this room are items like dining sets, crockery units, bar cabinets and other regular items.

We offer complete dining room set so that the theme, look and feel of the room remains intact. Please get in touch for more customization, suggestions and offers. We love to talk to our customers.At our offline wooden furniture shops in Pune we have seen the trend that people prefer wooden dining sets a lot over other type of furniture. Similarly people have shown a lot of interest in wooden sideboards and few special request for bigger 8 to 10 dining tables for those king size families.

Rightwood Funiture


Office and Outdoor

Most popular form of furniture for office is modular furniture but there are exceptions to everything. If you want a really sturdy furniture which will last for generations then wooden furniture is the best option. Wooden workstations will give your office out of the box and natural look that everyone else would love to possess. Call us with your requirements for wooden office sets .


Lovely Bedroom Furniture Sets

Bedroom where your heart lies. The place in home where you relax, read, romance and feel the solace. After long tiring working day you want this part of your home most comfortable, most cozy. We at Rightwood have the right wooden products for your bedroom. Our selected collection of designs make you easy to choose the products. Wooden furniture always been in fashion and it will never go out of fashion. Wooden beds with hydraulic is our speciality. You can choose from products to suite your bedroom space. We offer wooden beds, good range of wooden wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedsides and decorative items for your bedroom. We offer complete bedroom furniture set so that the theme, look and feel of the room remains intact. Please get in touch for more customization, suggestions and offers. We love to talk to our customers.


Wooden wardrobes - Simply tempting

Wooden wardrobes can be quite a style statement. Get rid of those steel boring wardrobes and choose from selected designs that Rightwood offers. You can choose from timber like Sheesham wood, Teak wood, Mango wood and Pine wood . One design that you find is modular and can be adjusted to fit exactly as per your space. Timber used for crafting wardrobes is seasoned and treated for termite resistance and all season performance. You can always call us for your custom requirements.


Handcrafted Solid wood Crockery Units

Simple . Elegant. Robust. Crockery units are the part of your dining or living room and are not just for arranging crockery and cutlery but also can be good decorative piece of furniture if used with transparent glass doors. We at Rightwood have the variety of wooden crockery units best fit to your choice and space constraints.

Best Selling Wooden furniture Products

Pine wood Wardrobe DUO – RWWDUO96

Original price was: ₹74,777.00.Current price is: ₹69,777.00.

Bed Without Storage Queen Size

Original price was: ₹37,777.00.Current price is: ₹29,777.00.
Why wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture is always a good idea. Isn’t it? If you are looking for something really good in terms of durability as well as natural look, there is no substitute for wooden furniture. Its been in fashion since ages and it will never go out of fashion in future too. Its charm has always wooed every generation and keep on. Have you seen someone complaining about wooden furniture? Saying I made a mistake by purchasing wooden furniture ? There is a possibility a small possibility if the wood is not seasoned and treated and the place where you purchased it, has a poor after-sales service. Now this small possibility is very small. We offer good quality wooden furniture at our physical shops in Pune and upcoming at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Feel free to order online.

  • Wooden Furniture is Durable
  • Good looking
  • Maintenance free – very less maintenance
  • Natural for sure
  • First choice for generations.
  • Go for it.
Which wood is good for furniture - Sheesham wood vs Teak Wood

When it comes to choosing a timber / wood for furniture there are quite a few choices in India. First choice is teak wood and then sheesham wood. Second choice is Acacia wood, Pine wood, Mango wood. From traditional times teak wood is the most used timber and the most popular in India. But the issue old teak or Burma teak is not available in abundance which naturally makes it the most expensive choice. The fresh teak is available in good quantity but its not as good as old teak / Burma teak. Acacia , mango and pine is also available in good quantity but it not that effective , durable and strong. So furniture made in these timbers have a limited life span. Saying this the last choice that remains is Sheesham wood / Indian Rosewood. It is available in very large scale. Its a hardwood as hard as teak as good as teak. More appealing an good looking (awesome grain patterns) than teak. Sheesham wood is widely getting accepted among the Indian homes recently. Cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon has embraced this furniture with wide arms.

  • Teak wood durable so Sheesham wood
  • Sheesham wood looks more attractive than Teak wood.
  • sheesham is available in abundant quality. Teak is hard to find easily
Why sheesham wood for home furniture?

Sheesham wood is getting a really good acceptance in Indian Market as a first choice for wooden / solid wood furniture. With e-tail / ecommerce market trending in India sheesham wood furniture has got more exposure and ease with which you can find the variety furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom. Sheesham / Indian rosewood is one the hardwoods used in furniture making on large scale, there are obvious reasons behind it. Before few years it was not used in large scale , their lacked a skillset and modern techniques. Nowadays with modern machineries it’s really easy to work on wood as hard as hard sheesham. Looks: The grains structure of sheesham is so good that it seems like poetry in motion, a piece of artwork. Sheesham wood Durability: Being a hardwood it can be used for generations.

Care instructions

Like any other wooden furniture, keeping your sheesham furniture away from direct sunlight is a must. This helps to keep your furniture from losing its natural lustre and retains colour over longer periods of time; it also helps to avoid cracks and warping. Clean your sheesham furniture with a damp cloth. Remember to wipe the surfaces in the direction of the grain. Use beeswax every three months to retain the sheen..

  • Keep them clean.
  • Avoid moisture.
  • Keep them away from walls.
  • Keep them oiled or waxed.
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