Bedroom where your heart lies. The place in home where you relax, read, romance and feel the solace. After long tiring working day you want this part of your home most comfortable , most cozy. We at Rightwood have the right wooden products for your bedroom. Our selected collection of designs make you easy to chose the products. Wooden furniture always been in fashion and it will never go out of fashion. Wooden beds with hydraulic is our speciality. You can choose from products to suite your bedroom space. We offer wooden beds, good range of wooden wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedsides and decorative items for your bedroom. We offer complete bedroom furniture set so that the theme, look and feel of the room remains intact. Please get in touch for more customisation, suggestions and offers. We love to talk to our customers.

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Archia Queen/King bed with storage

65,000.00 56,777.00

ASHOKA Queen/King bed without storage

49,000.00 29,500.00

ASHOKA Queen/King Hydraulic Storage

65,777.00 55,777.00

Bed Without Storage Queen Size

37,777.00 29,777.00

CARDIFF Double bed with Storage – RWDBCARFH-57

67,777.00 51,777.00

CHQ QUEEN size bed with Storage honey – RWDBQCHQH-62

69,777.00 57,777.00

COMFY Queen bed – RWSBYH-67

47,777.00 39,777.00

Comfy Single Bed natural Finish

35,000.00 24,777.00

Contemporary design four poster bed queen size natural honey finish

71,777.00 56,777.00

DIAMOND KING size bed with Storage honey – RWDBKDMNDH-73

75,777.00 63,777.00

DIAMOND Queen bed without Storage – RWDBDMNDH-69

57,777.00 44,777.00

Diamond QUEEN size bed with Storage honey – RWDBQDMNDH-60