Stunning Living Room Wooden Sofa Sets

Wooden sofa designs (with price) by Rightwood® furniture. Choose from our assorted designs like Maurya, Magna, Four Square, Vartul, polo. All the wooden sofa designs are built with good craftsmanship & tested over the period of time. Righwood is trusted when it comes to wooden furniture. Polo is our best seller wooden sofa with its strong & simple presence. Maurya sofa is new addition to catalogue & getting very popular in no time. It has classic & Royal touch to design. 

Four square & Vartul sofas are extension to Polo sofa with fretboard carving addition to handboards with magazine holder space on both sides.

Lotus Sofa is extension of Magna sofa with amazing carving patterns below handrest.

For detailed view of sofas please visit our Youtube channel where you can see actual videos of sofa delivered to customers.

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